Interest Charges and Fees

The Holiday Inn Club Vacations World Mastercard® is subject to the following fees and interest. Please consult your Cardholder Agreement for full information on interest charges and fees.


We use the average daily balance method to determine the amount of interest charged on your Account each Billing Period. We will charge interest on any daily balance that is subject to an APR. We will start charging interest on the day a transaction or other charge is added to that balance and will continue charging interest until that balance is paid in full. 

If the interest due on your account is less than $1.00, we will charge you a Minimum Interest fee of $1.00 in lieu of any interest charges.

Late payment fee

We may charge a late fee if we do not receive your payment as instructed in your statement by the payment due date. 

A late payment fee of up to $35 is charged for each instance.

Returned payment fee

We may charge up to a $10 return payment fee each time your financial institution, for any reason, rejects a payment you make to us.


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